WP7 - Holistic View & Techno-Economic Modelling

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Right down to the last screws, many parts contribute to the overall costs of a given system, which in turn can be operated under varying conditions .  Broken down hierarchically and taking into account the dynamic interrelationships, the most influential parameters to reduce cost can be identified.

  • Overview
  • Introduction and usage of stand-alone software
  • In detail:
    • articleon Techno-Economic Optimization of Flow Batteries Using the Optimization Potential to Prioritize Different Optimization Possibilities
    • articleon History of Flow Batteries
    • article on Standards for Flow Batteries
    • data set on Cycle data of different laboratory flow batteries based on AQDS BQDS, MV TEMPOL and vanadium flow battery by Gerlach, D., Dev, R. S., Davaasuren, G., Bischof, K., Le Boulch, C., & Noack, J. (2024).   
  • more background
    • reporton an Optimized techno-economical mode