WP4 - Continuum Cell Model

The smallest functional unit, a lab-sized cell and its performance, was the subject of research and development.

  • overview at a glance:
  • introduction to the underlying methods and usage of tools:
    • 0D modelthe Single Cell Performance Model for Organic Redox Flow Batteries allows to predict the cell voltage and power density of a single redox flow battery cell in terms of the applied current and state of charge of the battery
    • 1D model The transient non-isothermal cell performance model for redox flow batteries provides functionalities to predict the performance of single flow battery cells.
    • workshop recording
  • in more detail:
    • articleon a Physics-based 0D-U-I-SOC Cell Performance Model for Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries
    • articleon Continuum Modelling and Simulation of Flow Batteries
    • article on Upscaling of Reactive Mass Transport through Porous Electrodes in Aqueous Flow Batteries
  • some more background:
    • report on a single cell performance model
    • report on a simplified ELD model
    • report on the upscaling of a unit cell electrode model
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